Create Over 30 Meaningful Activities From Just 1 Idea in Under 60 Seconds



What if I told you that you could turn 1 idea into more than 30 meaningful activities for the people you 60 seconds flat!

I'm totally serious! 

I teach these techniques in my How to Create a Year's Worth of Activities from Just a Few Interests training...but check out this video I did for the Quillo app for a sneak peek of how it's done. 

In this video I name 16 activities, many of which can be separated into multiple activities.

And if you follow the logic behind my approach, you can easily create even more. In fact, in my training, I will show you how to fill a full year's calendar from just a few interests. 

I'm talking a combination of integrated, social, self-directed, outcome achieving, serious learning, and just for fun activities that are individualized, support choice, and those you serve will find some of them to be so much fun they'll want to do them again and again.  

Prefer to read instead? Here's the video transcript:

Let's talk about how to create lots of activities for the individuals you serve from just one of their favorite foods. Here we go.

Let's say the person that you're working with loves tacos. I mean seriously, who doesn't love tacos? So here are some things that you can do around an interest in tacos.

You can test out taco toppings. Learn about the different ways to prepare tacos. Learn about all the countries where tacos come from. Why do they eat tacos? What do they put on their tacos there? Learn a few words from the language of that country. Learn what that country is famous for. Listen to their music. Head to the library and check out some books about those countries. Have friends over for taco night and have everybody bring their favorite topping.

Try all the different taco shells: soft, hard, corn, blue, nachos, burritos, etc. Taste different salsas, plant seeds in the ground and make a garden and grow your own salsa stuff, and then make salsa. Order from different taco places and make a chart to compare and rate each one on a series of qualities. What other countries use tortillas and what are the differences?

I hope you can see how you can easily come up with months and months of different, fun things to do just based on one favorite food. Give it a try!



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