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Do you provide Direct Support or Service Coordination?

Here you will find practical and implementable tools to help you:

  • Train staff

  • Stay compliant

  • Provide innovative services to persons with disabilties

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Train Staff

Staff training is key, yet often cumbersome and maddeningly ineffective. It's time to solve that problem for good. 

Stay Compliant

A lack of compliance costs you money, time, and reputation. Create the proper internal systems, compliance takes care of itself. 


Provide Innovative Services

"Same old, same old" is the norm in this industry, and same old, same old isn't working. Let's do something new.


DSP Power Moves

DSPs are your rock stars! The quality of the disability services you provide is directly related to the knowledge base and decision making skills of your direct support professionals. Yet...finding and implementing effective training is a huge barrier to success. Until now!


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How to Keep It Together During a Pandemic

With over 30 years in developmental disability field...

Sara Sherman has done it all! (Literally.)


Having held positions in Residential Services, Day Services, Employment, IT Development, Provider Oversight, State Policy Development, Medicaid, Managed Care, Case Management/Service Coordination, Fiscal Management Services, Training, Consulting, and More...Sara fully understands the complexities of each layer of the IDD System.
With her knack for making the complex simple, Sara breaks down each requirement into actionable steps designed to make it easier for you to provide the very best services possible.  


Audiences consistently  say...

"Thank you! This is the best training I have ever attended!" 


Where in the world is Sara?

PCP Process Revamp in conjunction with UMKC - Maryland DDA
Frontline Supervisor Training - Pennsylvania PAR
Ongoing Training Techniques - Pennsylvania - PAR
Customized Frontline Supervisor Training - Ohio - Advancing Abilities
Creating a Year's Worth of Activities - Provider Conference - Arkansas Developmental Disabilities Association
Frontline Supervisor Training - Pennsylvania PAR
Frontline Supervisor Training - Ohio - OPRA
Provider Training Development - SafeinHome
Frontline Supervisor Training - Texas - PACTX
Frontline Supervisor Training - Kansas - Interhab
SafeinHome Account Executive Regional Meetings
Mock Compliance Review - Individual Outcomes, LLC
University of Missouri at Kansas City - Self-Advocate YouTube Channel and Story Telling Video Creation
Healthy Meal Planning for DSPs and the Individuals They Support - Pennsylvania - PAR
Custom 2-Day Onsite Frontline Supervisor Training - Kelsch and Associates
Custom 3-Day Onsite Frontline Supervisor Training - Community Interactions, Inc. 
How to Create an Internal Compliance System - Pennsylvania PAR

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