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In the 6 Key Must-Haves for Meaningful Activity Planning - Community Integration Made Easy quick guide you will learn:

  • The 1 key question you have to ask...that you aren't asking now
  • How to support people to develop meaningful and organic relationships...all 6 different kinds
  • The 7 Basics of Meaningful Activities
  • How to empower DSPs to manage activity planning completely on their own
  • Easy documentation methods to capture all this excellent service delivery
  • Strategies to move your rich data into service planning...bye, bye boring meetings!

And more!

Use this power-packed guide to structure your agency's Activity Planning Process and ensure consistent success!

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Meaningful, Integrated, Relationship-Building Activities - Made Easy!

Activity planning is a challenge under any circumstances. Add a multi-year pandemic and thinking up new, fun, interesting, and integrated activities can feel impossible.

Providers who attend my training: How to Create a Year’s Worth of Activities from Just a Few Interests share these struggles with me when it comes to planning integrated, meaningful activities:

• We can’t think of new ideas

• Our community doesn’t offer much

• We do the same things over and over

• The individuals we serve don’t tell us what they want to do

• The service plan doesn’t offer any guidance

• We keep doing the same things

• Individuals are disinterested and bored

• Staff are disinterested and bored


Providers also say...

• We are doing great things…nobody is documenting it

• We are doing great things…but we aren’t building relationships

• We are doing great things…but they never get into the service plan

• We are doing great things…but it takes a lot of administrative time


Do you share these challenges?

If you can relate to any of these experiences, then you’ll love 6 Must-Haves for Meaningful Activity Planning - Community Integration Made Easy! Inside this little ebook you'll find the solutions you need to solve these challenges! (Seriously!)

In 6 Key Must-Haves for Meaningful Activity Planning: Community Integration Made Easy you will learn the UCUGGC Formula:

  1. Understand the Why
  2. Create Meaningful Activities
  3. Use Activities to Build Relationships
  4. Give DSPs the Reigns
  5. Capture the Gold
  6. Carry Forward into Planning

The book is a quick read, and a powerhouse of usable information. You’ll never look at activity planning the same way again!

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In the days after downloading your free ebook, you will receive 3 implementation strategies for each of the 6 Key Must-Haves. You won't want to miss those!


"Quality of life is determined by the way we spend our minutes. To be able to facilitate rich and full lives for those we serve is as much an honor and a gift as it a challenge."


Use the 6 Key Must-Haves to move from the challenge of devising a repeatable process for planning activities, to the challenge of seeing just how incredible, enjoyable, and expansive the lives of those we serve can become.


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