Put the "P" in DSP and Revolutionize Your Entire Team  

Putting the P in DSP

 The title “Direct Support Professional” was created to appropriately elevate the direct care support role and to acknowledge the importance of the hard-working specialists who provide this support. All good things!


But...nothing else about the role changed.


Consequently, we have a group of confused workers who would love advancement opportunities, more and better training, and the ability to make the difference they were promised when they accepted their position; and we have frustrated management teams who aren’t seeing the desired results from people who are "supposed to be professionals," and "have been trained".

When we empower DSPs to step fully into their roles as knowledgeable capable professional team members, they feel appreciated, proud, accomplished, morale increases, teams get stronger, and individuals receive excellent services from happy and capable staff.

Everyone wins! 


In this 40-minute session you will learn: 
  • Why the I/DD system struggles to empower DSPs to fully embrace their professional role
  • How your training methods may actually be blocking DSPs from their best work…and setting supervisors up to answer an endless array of questions
  • The “success mindset” that agency leaders must maintain in order to unleash full DSP potential
  • 3 step simple steps that produce fully independent DSPs...who are ready to make the difference they were promised 
  • Where your training program is missing the mark...and what to do instead
  • The secret ingredient that supervisors need in order to support DSPs to achieve maximum success
Revolutionize the way you prepare and empower DSPs to achieve their full professional status and watch service quality go through the roof, individuals achieve outcomes, documentation shine, and compliance skyrocket. 


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Your Host - Sara Sherman


So many providers tell me...

“Sara, you make things so simple!”

Whether I am bringing provider and case management agencies back from the brink of revocation, developing state policy, managing multi-million-dollar corporate contracts, facilitating statewide system change, or training providers to build and implement their own solutions…I use the same step-by-step savvy strategies to solve problems and move systems forward.

And now I am teaching YOU my success secrets! 

It's time to stop working so very hard to cover the basics. Let's nail those basics, and create space for fun, innovative, life changing service delivery that supports individuals with disabilties to live their very best lives. 🎯

 Sara has served I/DD providers in these states: 
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