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Failproof Ongoing Training Techniques

On the Spot Tricks to Keep Staff on Track





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Do you struggle to provide consistent meaningful training to staff who are scattered across multiple work sites?


Do you wish you had a more formalized post-orientation training that really cemented the concepts that are introduced to new-hires?


Are you tired of trying to figure out how to fit a big training into everyone’s schedule and still have sufficient shift coverage?


Then, welcome! You are in the right place!


Overwhelmed Provider Power Moves

This isn't easy...

One of the biggest challenges providers face as they work to maintain regulatory compliance is to ensure staff receive continual and on-going training.

This challenge is even more complicated because employees are spread across service settings, counties, have differing schedules, and often work alone.

In fact, at least one state department of developmental disabilities has identified lack of on-going training as a key reason for provider citations and regulatory non-compliance.

And staff complain too.

The #1 complaint staff have is that there is not enough training.

And the #2 compliant is…that they have to go to training!

Let’s solve all these issues at the same time by using a failproof on-going system that works!

In this online interactive session, supervisors, QIDPs, and other leaders will learn:

  • The hottest tools and techniques available to deliver ongoing staff training…even across multiple and diverse service locations
  • The 7 key components of an ongoing training system
  • The secret biological barriers that make learning new information a challenge, and…how to outsmart those barriers
  • 3 misunderstood reasons staff questions suck up all a supervisor’s time…and how to get that time back
  • Spot-on strategies to document, measure, and track performance
  • Top tricks for squeezing the most out of precious staff meeting time
  • The #1 secret to continually enhance new hire orientation so staff are as prepared as possible…right out of the gate
  • Meaningful money-free ways to motivate and acknowledge staff 

In real time you will... 

Assess your team and set a launch point


Develop your very own training plan


Choose a performance tracking method and practice


I'm Sara Sherman


As a sought-after problem solver in the I/DD community, I help providers, governments, and organizations solve their most challenging problems once and for all. With decades of experience in all aspects of the developmental disabilities system, I teach practical, implementable, and repeatable steps that produce measurable and sustainable results and ensure those problems stay gone for good.

I have been organizing people and work for decades. I quickly developed a niche for implementing new initiatives, and bringing agencies back from the brink of shut down due to regulatory non-compliance. I understand what it takes to lead large teams through intense and demanding changes. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and master’s in Public Administration and have served people with disabilities in the areas of residential services, community employment, case management, housing, project management, incident investigation, services and supports, vocational rehabilitation, state policy development, provider oversight, compliance audits, and more!

"This was such a valuable training!  Thank you so much."
- Training Attendee
"I have 3 pages of notes!  Thank you!"
- Training Attendee

"Thank you for this training it has been very thought provoking."

- Training Attendee

October 12 2023 - 10am to 3pm EST 

(9am - 2am CST; 8am - 1pm PST) 


Failproof Ongoing Training Techniques

On the Spot Tricks to Keep Staff on Track





October 12, 2023 - 10am to 3pm EST - Via ZOOM

(9am - 2am CST; 8am - 1pm PST)