The only supervisor training for I/DD professionals...

by an I/DD professional 

(For Residential, Day, and Case Management Frontline Supervisors)

Graduate from overwhelmed and overworked to calm, focused, and in control.


You've been promoted to supervisor!




You likely have a new shiny set of keys, updated permissions to approve timesheets, and an eager team to supervise, educate, support, and lead.

Problem is, nobody’s shown you how.

As a frontline supervisor you are a pivotal link in the service delivery chain and key to your organization’s effectiveness.

(No pressure.)

You are now completely responsible for the performance of your team, regulatory compliance, translating instructions from upper management, and staff development.

All of this while performing a multitude of administrative tasks, helping to ensure the health and welfare of the individuals you serve, and of course ensuring that all services increase self-determination in meaningful, community-based, relationship-building, and integrated ways. 

Chances could use a few new tools in your management toolbox. 🛠🧰


In Frontline Supervisor Success Academy you will learn: 

  • The difference between management and leadership...and which one to use when.
  • Top tricks for keeping staff well-trained...even when they are scattered across locations and shifts.
  • How effective discipline tangos with monitoring and oversight in perfect harmony.
  • Simple ways to empower staff to be their best professional selves, without enabling poor performance.
  • Insider secrets to ensure services are meaningful and moving individuals toward independence.
  • The history of the DD system...where we've been, where we're going, and why. 
  • Easy hacks to identify the most challenging employee personality types and stop them in their tracks.
  • How to build a foolproof performance process that guarantees staff success even when you aren't always looking over their shoulder.
  • Clear communication techniques that vaporize confusion, and keep the work moving smoothly.
  • Best practices to capture all of your team's innovative services and weave them into an energized service plan planning process.
  • The secret to finding and addressing the root cause of performance issues…so you stop spinning your wheels and take the right action, right away!
  • Strategic planning strategies that elevate team performance and meaningfully contribute to your agency's mission and goals.
  • The Big Brainstorming Blitz Method for quickly developing a robust schedule of meaningful activities...and banish boredom for good.
  • Powerful practices to help individuals gain control over their lives by more fully interacting with the food they eat.
  • And so much more...

It's time to soar...

You know you want to. In fact, you are longing to spread your wings. To feel not only like you know what you're doing...but to really lead and contribute.

Let's get serious for a minute. There are easier ways to earn a living. You are here because you are passionate about really making a difference in the lives of the individuals you serve, and you desperately want to extend that passion to your team. 

But you need help.

You need know-how, understanding, and tangible tools that you can use to achieve all your professional goals, and build a rock solid team that knows their jobs so well they execute flawlessly...and innovate brilliantly. 


This training is for Frontline Supervisors who truly desire to master their craft and soar among the elite ranks of executive supervisors. 


performance management graphic


Ready to take your skills to the level?

Frontline Supervisors are the heartbeat of every organization. You are responsible for operations, service plan implementation, a team of people, a group or individuals, the homes they live in, their appointments, transportation, and so much more.

You spend your days coordinating a million things, answering so many questions you can hardly get your work done, and it feels nearly impossible to catch your breath.

It's time to change that.

You deserve a solid set of skills that support you to effectively and proactively manage all the pieces and parts of your responsibilities with ease. 

In Frontline Supervisor Success Academy you'll start building and implementing new skills right away, with each class session reinforcing and building upon the previous learning, creating many opportunities to practice and refine your expertise as you advance through the curriculum.

You are the CEO of your team. It's time to gain the skills you need to successfully fulfill your role. 

This what you'll experience:

12 Learn Live Days

12 Live, via Zoom, interactive instruction days. Packed with all the information you need to be an effective frontline supervisor...without all the overwhelm.

Skills Scan

Assess yourself, assess your team, uncover the causes and contributing factors of challenges, and set some goals. You'll update your scan as you go. 

Success Sheets

Use your Success Sheets to power your note taking, track progress, capture your how-to's, practice your skills, and log all of your successes.

Live Q&A Sessions

At least 1x/month we'll sit down together, Zoom to Zoom, and talk through any questions or problems you're having. These are recorded for your reference.

Skills Showcase

Show off what you know! Demonstrate that you not only understand your new skills...but you can use them too! 

Community Comaraderie

Hop into the private Facebook group to talk sup to sup! Share your wins, struggles, and questions with your fellow classmates as you work through the material and develop your skills.


I'm Sara Sherman


As a sought-after problem solver in the I/DD community, I help providers, governments, and organizations solve their most challenging problems once and for all. With decades of experience in all aspects of the developmental disabilities system, I teach practical, implementable, and repeatable steps that produce measurable and sustainable results to ensure those problems stay gone for good.

I have been organizing people and work for decades. I quickly developed a niche for implementing new initiatives, and bringing agencies back from the brink of shut down due to regulatory non-compliance. I understand what it takes to lead large teams through intense and demanding changes. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and master’s in Public Administration and have served people with disabilities in the areas of residential services, community employment, case management, housing, project management, incident investigation, services and supports, vocational rehabilitation, state policy development, provider oversight, compliance audits, and more!


What students say about Frontline Supervisor Training...

"I have been here almost 20 years and this is the best training I have ever attended!"
- Training Attendee

"Thank you so much for such a great and informative training! I'm excited to get this going for my agency."

- Training Attendee

Another OUTSTANDING training. See you soon, Sara!

- Training Attendee

Thanks so much! This was fantastic!

- Training Attendee

Thank you, Sara.  This has been one of the best trainings I've attended.

- Training Attendee

I never miss a class because this stuff WORKS!

- Training Attendee


This program is NOT for you if...

  • Your team knows  exactly what they are doing and completes their tasks without asking tons of questions.
  • Staff have a clear understanding of their duties and communication between team members flows with ease.
  • Team members effectively implement service plans, and continually empower individuals to grow in their independence without crossing any boundaries.
  • Your team confidently aces all your compliance reviews.
  • You feel you are a confident professional who is ready to meanifully contribute to the agency in a more global way. 

Is this really a value? Let's check the numbers:

  • 84 hours of live instruction
  • 12 hours (min) of live Q&A
  • 24 hours (min) of practice, feedback, and assessment

Total: 120 hours of instruction - specific to the IDD service field


  • Unlimited time in a private Facebook group for daily consultation and feedback
  • Full access to recordings of all sessions
  • Handouts, Success Sheets, and more...

Add in...the value of a confident, highly trained, and highly effective frontline supervisor who knowS how to train, discipline, motivate, monitor, and develop a team who knows how to deliver individualized, innovative, life building services at the same time? 

Including certification as an Elite Frontline Supervisor to prove it all?

Priceless. Simply pricess. 

Enrollment closes September 12

Choose the tuition option that is right for you. 

Pay in Full



12 Monthly Payments



 Orientation is on September 11 and classes begin September 12...claim your seat before classes fill up

Have questions? Check out the FAQ's below, or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions...

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