Healthy Meal Planning for DSPs and the Individuals They Support






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"Food is Life" 

Nutrition is recognized as the foundation of good health and as the source of sufficient energy to power through our days, yet we often fall short when it comes to preparing healthy meals. The typical American diet is recognized as too high in sugar, sodium, and carbs, and too lacking in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.  

In fact, people with disabilities are nearly 12% more likely to be obese than the general population.  (

We ask Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Supervisors, to assist individuals to prepare healthy meals, but don't always provide the instructions needed to accomplish that task.

We also expect staff to expand the amount of choice and control individuals have in their lives.  

Such a tall order!

Finally...there's an effective solution!

Wecome to the comprehensive one-day training that combines all these concepts to provide frontline staff with the tools and know-how they need to support individuals with disabilities to live their best lives through food. 


 In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn:

  • The misunderstood difference between choice and control
  • The key survival insight understood by early humans, that modern humans get entirely wrong
  • Fun and impactful ways to help individuals develop a foundational understanding of healthy eating,
  • Top tips to easily and quickly create a wide variety of healthy meals…that are sure to please
  • 7 secrets for using food as a means to offer individuals more opportunities for growth, self-direction, and independence
  • Insider secrets to demystify healthy meal planning 
  • Easy ways to accommodate busy schedules when meal planning 
  • Little known strategies for capturing the documentation gold of meaningful meal activity


Imagine this...

The individuals you serve learn more about food and how their food choices impact their bodies. They expand their frame of reference, gain more confidence, and enjoy greater control over their lives.'s fun!



In this training is for DSPs, Supervisors, QIDPs, and Administrators who want to: 

  • Implement a practical and inclusive meal planning process that is easy to execute week after week...yet never gets boring.

  • Gain insights into how to translate individuals' wins into inspiring service plans.

  • Beam with pride as individuals hone skills and move toward independence in ways once perceived impossible. 

  • Step forward with the list of specific actions needed to get started. 



I'm Sara Sherman


As a sought-after problem solver in the I/DD community, I help providers, governments, and organizations solve their most challenging problems once and for all. With decades of experience in all aspects of the developmental disabilities system, I teach practical, implementable, and repeatable steps that produce measurable and sustainable results and ensure those problems stay gone for good.

I have been organizing people and work for decades. I quickly developed a niche for implementing new initiatives, and bringing agencies back from the brink of shut down due to regulatory non-compliance. I understand what it takes to lead large teams through intense and demanding changes. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and master’s in Public Administration and have served people with disabilities in the areas of residential services, community employment, case management, housing, project management, incident investigation, services and supports, vocational rehabilitation, state policy development, provider oversight, compliance audits, and more!

"This makes perfect sense!"
- Training Attendee
"Yes! Thank you! I have so many ideas to change our meals."
- Training Attendee

"Thank you so much for such a great and informative training! I'm excited to get this going for my agency."

- Training Attendee

"I appreciate it and I enjoyed the seminar so much!  You had so many good points to share and your years of wisdom shone through! "

- Training Attendee

TBD -10am to 3pm EST 

(9am - 2pm CST; 8am to 1pm PST) 



Healthy Meal Planning for DSPs and the Individuals They Support





(9am - 2pm CST; 8am to 1pm PST)

(We'll take 30 minutes for lunch 😋)