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How to create a year's worth of meaningful activities from just a few interests...in less than 30 minutes




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Are the individuals you serve a little bored?


Is it a struggle to come up with new and exciting stuff to do?


Do you wish you had an easy system for thinking up fun things to do that get individuals out of the house?


It's not easy to come up with new, community based, integrated, relationship building, individualized, meaningful activities day-in and day-out. 

In fact, it can feel quite overwhelming and frustrating. You want to schedule new fun activities. In fact, you spend a lot of time looking for new ideas, you ask people what they want to do, you search the internet...but you still feel stuck rotating through the same set of things you always schedule. 

If only you had an easy to use, super fast, super simple process that consistently generated topics individuals...and staff...could really get excited about!

Enter...the Bored to Busy Blueprint! 

Unveil the Hidden Secrets to Developing Meaningful, Sustainable, Integrated Activities

Use the Bored to Busy Blueprint to... 


  • Start asking the right questions to generate the most interesting activity ideas.
  • Master the Big Brainstorming Blitz Method and generate months of worthwhile and creative ideas in under 30 minutes. (Seriously.)
  • Help those you serve develop a robust and distinct social network that includes all of the 6 different types of relationships.
  • Launch creative opportunities for individuals to experience greater self-confidence and curiosity.
  • Build in the 7 Basics of Meaningful Activities.
  • Teach DSPs how to Capture the Gold of each and every activity through comprehensive documentation...that doesn't take forever to write.
  • Effectively manuever across activities when serving individuals with diverse interests...all at the same time.
  • Squeeze all the juice out of your delicious documentation and bake up an action-packed service plan. (No more dry service planning meetings.)
  • Empower DSPs to own the entire Bored to Busy Blueprint...start to finish.
  • Consciously connect your Bored to Busy Blueprint to your internal compliance system to provide consistent, in compliance services...and wow your auditors. 
And of course...always supporting the individuals you serve to participate in the planning process as much as they possibly can!

Here's where you take action: 

Practice the Big Brainstorming Blitz

 Create a robust list of meaningful activities for at least 3 of the individuals you serve.

Capture the Gold

Complete (and keep) your Delicious Documentation Template. Never miss a delicious detail again.

Craft Service Plan Talking Points

Come to the service planning table ready to talk outcomes based on new skills, likes, dislikes, wins, and joys.

Draft Your Agency Blueprint

Walk away with your own Bored to Busy Blueprint complete with your agency's next implementation steps.


I'm Sara Sherman


As a sought-after problem solver in the I/DD community, I help providers, governments, and organizations solve their most challenging problems once and for all. With decades of experience in all aspects of the developmental disabilities system, I teach practical, implementable, and repeatable steps that produce measurable and sustainable results and ensure those problems stay gone for good.

I have been organizing people and work for decades. I quickly developed a niche for implementing new initiatives, and bringing agencies back from the brink of shut down due to regulatory non-compliance. I understand what it takes to lead large teams through intense and demanding changes. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and master’s in Public Administration and have served people with disabilities in the areas of residential services, community employment, case management, housing, project management, incident investigation, services and supports, vocational rehabilitation, state policy development, provider oversight, compliance audits, and more!

"Thank you for an informative session with great ideas/suggestions!"
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"First can I say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED you training on a years worth of activities from just a few interests.  We are actually going to begin showing our direct support professionals the tool you used in the training.  It was so eye opening!"

- Mindi N - Training Attendee

If you're ready to stop straining your brain to think of great  activities and are ready to implement a robust dependable process that quickly produces a steady stream of meaningful activities based on individuals' interests...this training is for you!

I can't wait to see you there!


This training is perfect for: Day and Residential DSP's, Supervisors, Q's, Directors, & CEOs who are prepared to set benchmarks and develop sustainable guidelines for meaningful activities.



Unveil the Hidden Secrets to Developing Meaningful, Sustainable, Integrated Activities




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(Includes a 30 minute lunch break. 😋)